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About us: Establish great future with innovative idea
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Trigun Infotech is data-driven and Technologically advanced business environment to accelerate transformation.

Trigun Infotech Pvt Ltd (TIPL) is software technology company, TIPL is an organization that specializes in developing, producing, and distributing software products, services, and solutions. TIPL is at the forefront of the technology industry, playing a pivotal role in shaping the digital landscape. Our goal is to provide advanced and effective Technological Solutions to promote the overall growth of our clients in this challenging world of large-scale IT Industry.

TIPL is a widely recognized industry with a strong emphasis on delivering exceptional user experiences through its software products and services. We strongly hold that reputed 8 years of rich experience serving as Technological expert, consistently automating your business, and bringing your ideas into reality through our IT proficiency.

Utilizing our years of research and team expertise, we designed and developed our own customized software’s entitled Trigun Maritime Expert, Trigun ERP, Trigun CRM, Trigun Inventory and Trigun HRMS which makes processes easy and efficient for every industry.

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Maritime Expert Installed

TIPL is approved by Ministry of Communications & IT Department of Telecommunications, Govt. of INDIA, for International OSP Center License No. (MUM/I/11228/1215).

TIPL with a strong dedication to our customers, in-depth knowledge of the industry, and a vast network of innovation & delivery units, we guarantee the greatest levels of assurance and satisfaction providing IT solutions that focus on Technology, Design, Strategy, Maintenance, Services & Support around the world.

Our workforce is the “key to success” that ensures quality IT solutions to expand every business module through digitization delivering innovative solutions that are flexible, relevant, and essential for your company's success.

Trigun’s Fundamental Principles of Work Since its Inception

Delivering Solution Through Innovation


To Be Recognized As a Leading Provider By Consistently Delivering Innovative, Top-Notch Solutions Of The Highest Quality


  • T

    We establish Robust, Trustworthy Connections Built on Mutual Understanding and a Dedication To The Well-being And Success Of All Parties Involved.

  • R

    We Stand Firmly Committed to Upholding The Promises We Make to Our Clients, Vendors, and Staff, Ensuring Integrity And Reliability In All Our Interactions.

  • I

    We Deliver Tailored Solutions That Are Not Only Innovative And Unique But Also Perfectly Suited To Meet The Needs Of Your Business.

  • G

    Earning Trust Through The Delivery Of Secured & High-Quality Solutions.

  • U

    We Believe In The Power Of Teamwork To Achieve Collective Growth.

  • N

    Championing Decisions That Honour and Protect Nature Is Central To Our Values And Mission.

Journey of Trigun Infotech


  • Implemented Maritime Expert (PMS) Software for the below type of vessels.
  • Aframax Tankers - 2
  • LPG Tanker - 1
  • Suezmax - 2
  • Developed and Launched a Customized Digital Printing Portal for Onesnap.in.


  • Implemented Maritime Expert (PMS) Software for the below type of vessels.
  • Aframax Tankers - 2
  • LPG Tanker - 1
  • Developed Mobile Application(Android & IOS) for FORWARD SEAMEN'S UNION OF INDIA(FSUI) Membership Management.


  • Received appreciation for successful election through the e-voting system in International Maritime Federation (IMF) BOD.
  • Developed an Event Management System for IIFTC Conclave.


  • Mr. Mukesh Singh, Founder & Managing Director Awarded as a Best I.T. Services Provider of the Year 2016-17 by the International Maritime Federation (IMF).


  • Launched Its 1st ever Product called Maritime Expert(Crew Management System(CMS)) Software for Shipping Companies and provided to Tangar Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
  • Provided Canteen Management System for Mumbai Police.


  • Trigun Infotech is approved by the Ministry of Communications & IT Department of Telecommunications, Govt. of India, for International OSP Center License No. (MUM/I/11228/1215).

Our Unique Technological Solutions, We Transform Your Business by Offering Automations that are, Reliable, Innovative, and Creative.