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Proudly based in Navi Mumbai, India, Trigun Infotech Pvt Ltd (TIPL) is one of the most advanced & leading Information Technology Products and Service providers in India & across the globe. Our goal is to provide advanced and effective Technology products and services to promote the overall growth of our clients in this challenging world of large-scale IT industry.

TIPL strongly hold that reputed 08 years of rich experience serving as Technological expert, consistently automating your business, and bringing your ideas into reality through our IT expertise.

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Maritime Expert Installed
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Our Product
Exclusively Advanced Software Technological Products
Trigun ERP

Trigun Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software operates in key business activities that allows a company to gather, store, manage, and understand data from several business operations.

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Trigun Maritime Expert

Our Trigun Maritime Expert (PMS & CMS) provides total access to all ship operations, fostering transparency between ship owners, operators & enabling them to get real-time accurate vessel information.

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Trigun CRM

Trigun Infotech works to strengthen relationships with both its current and potential clients. To provide clients with the greatest service possible, our team of creative specialists is always coming up with new ideas.

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Trigun Inventory

Trigun Invoware specialises in management software services for all types of small and large businesses where we provide the best Inventory Management System.

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Trigun HRMS

The top global platform for managing human resources for the modern workforce where our human resources software has covered you from hiring to retirement

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Trigun Dialer & CRM

In the modern world, it is extremely important for an establishment to develop and maintain great relations with customers hence we provide innovative Call Center Dialer & CRM.

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TIPL specialises in automating laborious procedures by providing One Click Solutions.


We strive perpetual improvements where customer's growth is our success.


Our inhouse team of modern Tech wizards are consistently serving every industry to upgrade Technology efficiently.


Research, design, develop, adapt and upgrade as per need of the business by keeping future requirements in mind.


We make creative and edge-cutting IT Solutions to turn your ambitions into reality.


We provide 24*7 worldwide Technological Support and software maintenance services that are flexible and user-friendly.


We protect the environment through advancing Technology, which makes operations more Paperless.


We are pioneers in understanding the demands of every industry and personalizing Technology to meet those needs.

Our Services

Trigun Infotech focuses on offering edge cutting smarter, innovative, and creative AI solutions to help you grow your business effectively and efficiently, serving you with better innovative ideas and strategies

Software Development

Our specialised Customized Software Development is the process of designing, building, deploying, and maintaining software for all types of SME’s and MSME’s that is tailored to their needs and aims to improve every industry to a new level.

App Development

Our Application Development assists you in creating beneficial and efficient experiences on every device and help you get the most out of mobile Technology for your business with our Application Development Services, which draw on our team's strong expertise in developing Customized Applications.

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Our E-Commerce Software facilitates quicker and trusted growth of income and profit for both, beginner's playground, and an expert home field by meeting the demands of any small- to medium-sized firm.

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Cyber Security

To guarantee that your systems and data are safe, Trigun Cyber Security employs a patented technique to execute a controlled external real-life evaluation and penetration test of your firewalls, network entry points, and public IP addresses.

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Our Blockchain is well-positioned to support the internet of value (IoV) since it can automate trust, eliminate intermediaries, and control business standards through effectiveness. It also transforms to produce dependable data storage so you can protect information.

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Data Science

Our Data Science is an app or tool that uses data to assist organisations in making better decisions and streamlining their procedures. Data products with user-friendly interfaces can leverage Data Science to provide risk management, predictive analytics, descriptive data Modelling, data mining, and machine learning.

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Automation and AI

Trigun AI automates business workflows, seamlessly integrate business systems, acquire operational insights, enhance customer service, and build a stronger, more productive workforce.

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Automation and AI

Trigun Software Consulting services diagnose, analyze, identify, plan, and offer solutions that are compatible with every organization's needs. Expertizing our knowledge and experience at all instances accelerates

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Our Unique Technological Solutions, We Transform Your Business by Offering Automations that are, Reliable, Innovative, and Creative.