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Artificial Intelligence | Navi Mumbai

We Reshape the Way Business Is Done Through Powerful AI Solutions

Artificial Intelligence automates and business workflows, seamlessly integrate business systems, acquire operational insights, enhance customer service, and build a stronger, more productive workforce.

Technically uprising era has evolved Artificial Intelligence, imposing the human race in monitoring, sensing, processing, and evaluating. Trigun Infotech team has helped numerous companies globally in multi-folding their revenues over the past few years, with their custom Automated AI for identifying anomalies in productions, fraudulent transactions, and so on.

End-to-End Automation, Smarter than Bots

Automation has grown beyond the bots. Capable of turning unstructured data into a prediction report, AI has become a lifesaver to numerous businesses.

  • Comes across the analytic and insight reports.
  • Gives your workstation performance a closer look.
  • Rules the business market future trend prediction.
  • Intact optimization and data encryption.

Trigun Infotech, the Automation solution has been the first choice of numerous businesses for their better performance, stronger workstations, best & better security, and accurate competitive business reports.


AI Services

  • 01

    Predictive Maintenance

    Get anticipated security alerts for the potential risks and issues, before running into a major breakdown in service, system, operations, and processes.

  • 02

    Custom Computer Vision Models

    Implement the automated image identifier tools and get closer outputs based on the predicted or returned pre-learned concepts or labels.

  • 03

    Intelligent Chain Assistants

    Smart machines are capable of critical problem-solving based on logistics and analysis, which results in smart industry manufacturing without any manual participation.

  • 04

    Advanced Insights or Reports

    Statistical and predictive forecasting results in discovering insights and new patterns in business along with their relationships with the data subset.

  • 05

    Natural Language Processing

    AI has given computers the ability to understand a language as a human does, with their intelligent system using a natural language like English and Hindi.

  • 06

    Data Analysis and Reports

    AI has made future trend prediction possible by detecting patterns and analyzing a large amount of data from reliable sources.

  • 07

    Curated Data Model

    Creating, organizing, collecting, structuring, and maintaining data sets for the later use of the organization or the local public.

  • 08
    Artificial Intelligence as a Service

    This powerful tool, AI ensures a large initial investment with lower risk with its third-party Artificial Intelligence offering.

Trigun Infotech Futuristic Automation Solutions –Our Automation to Greater Heights

Trigun Infotech has partnered with the success of numerous companies globally, by introducing automation and AI to their business work culture, transforming their business capabilities and potential.

AIOps and IT Automation

Rebuilt your workflow productively into a worthwhile unit.

Intelligent Automation

Level up the pace and execution of your applications with Intelligent Automation.


Combines Robotic Process Automation for accuracy and reliability.

Cyber security & AI

Cyber security tool ensuring your company’s data is unbreakably encrypted.

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