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Cyber Security | Navi Mumbai

Strengthen Productivity with Secure Transactions Through Trigun Cyber Security Services

To guarantee that your systems and data are safe, Trigun Cyber Security employs a patented technique to execute a controlled external real-life evaluation and penetration test of your firewalls, Network Entry Points, and Public IP Addresses.

Overview of Cyber Security

The Security system has also been digitalized in this increasingly digitalized environment to prevent breaches, viruses, and cyber-crime. As we go about our daily activities, we unknowingly encourage network breaches and thefts, which we later regret for. Your money, data, and IT equipment are all at risk from cyber-attacks. A hacker who gains access to your network might cause serious harm with what they discover example credit cards, confidential reports & statements, company’s banking details, access to customers list etc.

For daily tasks like online meetings, advertising, buying, selling, corresponding with clients & suppliers, and banking, many small businesses rely on cloud-based technology and applications.

Thus, Trigun Cyber Security offers guidance and assistance to help you safeguard your data, network, cloud-based systems, and digitalized systems from unauthorised intrusions or hacks, which is extremely important for both financial and reputational reasons.

Trigun Cyber Security Services Process – The Trigun Strategy to Keep You Protected


Trigun Infotech Cyber Security Services

  • 01

    Employee Training

    Sometimes Security lapses cause by staff error, which gives hackers access to the network. The best practises for network Security have been taught to employees to nullify the routes of cyber-theft or unsecure networks.

  • 02

    Web and Email Monitoring

    We help you understand and approach how to avoid visiting harmful websites, filtering spam and emails for viruses, and avoiding traffic on your internet connection all help to prevent the entry of malicious email-based malware into your network.

  • 03

    Firewalls Guidance

    We guide you towards technology used to keep software’s or hardware’s secure from the intruders.

  • 04

    Network Access Control

    Awareness of limited access of network to be given to secure network connections.

  • 05

    Avoid Operating System Unsecured Patches

    Security patches are continuously added to Operating Systems (OS) as new vulnerabilities are found. A company becomes vulnerable to hacker vulnerabilities if these patches aren't applied, and systems aren't rebooted often hence we do counselling to avoid the unwanted patches.

Why Choose Trigun Cyber Security Services

  • After thorough evaluation and planning, customised solutions are offered, resulting in a highly effective and secure method.
  • We provide provisions and alternative solutions to the Cyber Security problems.
  • Confidentiality has been maintained and trust is preserved.
  • Counselling and trainings are conducted to train the staff and make them aware about the threats and how to overcome the cyberthreats.
  • 24/7 services provided with customization.
  • Expert and professional team looks after your Cyber Security.
  • Boosts your productivity with relying on Cyber Security Services.
  • Improved data management educating the workforce helps to maintain credibility and trust.
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