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Why we need Crew Management System

Crew Management Software is basically allowing to maintain a database of maritime. This maritime information contains basic information such as how many family members are? Organization name, email id, contact number etc.

Crew Management System is an important part of naval or maritime. An organization like Ship company has a specialized team of Crew, that manages all activities such as recruiting crew on-board, sourcing, selection of crew, deployment, arrange training programs.

Why to choose Crew Management Software: -

Crew management software system is provided below features:

  • Personal management: vessel management has been done using a crew management software system by storing basic a personal data.
  • Vessel crew management system control of entire crewing process over crew pool.
  • Easy to handle, highly configurable integrating payroll of vessels.
  • Fleet management to reduce a cost and maintain efficiency.

How to Crew Management software will help you!

  • Recruitment: - Crew management software contains basic details of the person in the database, which makes the recruitment process very easy. By using crew management software Uploading Seafarer performance appraisal is reduced extract effort.
  • Documents: -Crew management software create all possible documents such as certificate, visa, passport, etc. crewing policies are continuously upgraded so with the crew management software we shall have access of all personal data as well as a digital copy of documents.

Planning and management: -In addition of document and recruitment, crew management software performing seafarer planning and their management.

Planning of seafarer locations graphically will save a lot of time.

  • Payroll and Accounting: - Payroll management using crew management software makes it easy for industry and managers to restore qualified crew at the right time to maintain the budget and reduce cost. Payroll management supports comprehensive vessels management process for the crew.
  • Third-Party Access and Integration:

Crew management software is very easy to integrate with another system. It performs well with a bank and financial software for payment and truncation records.

Also, it uses to integrate with ticking/booking tools for the fastest booking of marine/ship.

Benefits of Crew Management Software:

  • A Major benefit of crew management software is this software mold in a such way that the shipping/marine industry`s human resources to manage their requirement and appraisal very efficiently, on-boarding, and dealing with the vessel database reduce cost and hard work.
  • Storing certificate like document, validating the same is another task handle by crew management software.
  • Crew management software is easy to integrate with another tool like ticketing tools, travel agencies.
  • Crew management software is also use to manage and computing payrolls which lead to increase accountability.

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