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Best Practices for Efficient .NET Development

Software development is one of the basic requirements for all enterprises today. One of the most popular software development platforms in the existing market is the dot Net Application Development platform. Although .NET comes with its own set of complexities, it can ensure promising benefits of flexibility and adaptability for diverse use cases. So, the knowledge of best practices for .NET development can ensure that developers have a better understanding of the working of .NET in app development.

What is .NET?

First of all, let us reflect briefly on .NET and .NET Core before diving into best practices for .NET development.

  • .NET is the software development framework by Microsoft with a controlled programming environment.
  • It helps in development, installation, and operations of software, largely on Windows-related operating systems.
  • .NET provides support for different languages such as C++.NET, Visual Basic .NET, C#, and F#.
  • .NET automatically detects the capabilities of the end user's browser and adjusts its output accordingly.

.NET Core is not the replacement of .NET as compared to popular assumptions. On the contrary, it aims to address the setbacks generally identified in .NET. The most striking highlight of .NET is the facility of various libraries and frameworks for creation of various applications.

Best Pointers for Efficient .NET Development

The important tips that can help in achieving the best efficiency and productivity in .Net app development are as follows:

Planning is Crucial, Even in .NET Development

One of the foremost requisites for effective app development with .NET framework is planning. Planning for the application development process helps in identifying all components and organizing them in a proper structure. It makes the process of identifying user needs effectively.

Keep the Layers Different From Each Other

The importance of each layer of the layered architecture design has a individual role and control within the application Maintain distinctiveness among the different layers in the software design process such as business logic layer, presentation layer, and data layer. Layering helps developers in working on a specific layer without influencing functionality of other layers.

Log the Errors

A promising and comprehensive logging solution is also one of the crucial best practices for .NET development. Logging solution helps in identification of application errors before the user. Identification and troubleshooting application errors proactively could contribute to application quality.

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